6 Tips for going Plant-Based this Veganuary

6 Tips for going Plant-Based this Veganuary

So you're signed up to VEGAUNARY? 🌱⁠

Firstly, congratulations! 👏 We think going plant-based for one whole month is a great way to introduce new, delicious foods into your diet 🍽⁠

Perhaps you're finding this an absolute breeze, and that's great! But, we know sometimes it can be tricky to know where to start and ever harder to keep up a challenging New Year's Resolution!😅⁠

So...we've put together our Top 6 Veganuary Tips to help you keep up the plant-based momentum! Here goes...

1️⃣ Plan your meals📝

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed about what you'll eat for the week ahead, try planning your meals out. Take a look at vegan blogs, flick through a recipe book or follow some vegan food bloggers to find some inspo🧑‍🍳 What you eat doesn't have to be complicated, but preparation is key! Check out some delicious plant-based recipes from crunchy salads to indulgent flapjacks, using BRAVE peas and chickpeas here.

2️⃣ Re-think your plate 🍽

Rather than thinking of meat or dairy as the main part of your meal, put your plant-based ingredients front and centre!🥗 Cooking plant-based is super fun, and really gives you an opportunity to experiment with different cuisines, spices and ingredients. We're talking vegan jambalaya, chilli non carne & flavoursome curries! Praise those pulses, pay tribute to tofu & salute seitan!🙌⁠

3️⃣ Balance your diet ⚖️

Simply swapping all your meat with plant-based alternatives can seem like an easy solution. But it's important to get all the nutrients you need so make sure you choose a variety of veggies to keep you fuelled up and full of beans💪 (literally & metaphorically!)⁠. Do some research into what foods can replace nutrients from foods you aren't eating. Pulses are packed full of protein, peas are iron dense and chia seeds are great for calcium. You might want to invest in supplements, such as B12, which can be tricky to get on a vegan diet💊

4️⃣ Stock up on snacks 🛒

It's always a good idea to have a fully stocked snack cupboard. There's nothing worse when you've hit with a big craving, go to the cupboard and....oh no...there's nothing you can snack on! Make sure you're ready for those moments, and stock up on all things sweet and savoury for any occasion✅⁠

5️⃣ Grab yourself a buddy!🧑‍🤝‍🧑

There really is strength in numbers. Why not find a friend to make the switch with you? Plan to have meals in together, find some yummy vegan restaurants to visit together, send each-other recipes for inspiration & have someone to enjoy your lifestyle change with!💫⁠

6️⃣ Don’t be hard on yourself!☀️

There are hidden animal products in foods we eat every day, so slip-ups will happen! Remember to not be too hard on yourself. Try making a few vegan meals a week and gradually increasing the frequency. Going plant-based is a big change & any progress is a step in the right direction!👍⁠


Feeling stuck, or need some motivation? Drop us a message through our website, or social media (@bravefoods) and we'll do our best to help you on that first BRAVE step to plant-based!  💫