Biodiversity is the Future — Biodiversity is the Future —
Addicted to Sugar & Grains

Did you know the top 4 crops grown in the world are sugar, corn, wheat and rice?

These 4 ingredients are used in everything from snacks to cereal, from pasta to bread.

We're hooked on them and Big Agriculture is only happy to feed our addiction.

The Dangers of Monoculture Farming

Sugar and grains are almost exclusively grown on massive monoculture farms. That means just one crop grown repeatedly on the same land, year after year.

Monocultures don't exist in nature and when diversity of crops disappear, the results can be disastrous.

Intensive Farming is Destroying our Planet

Serious adverse effects on soil quality, erosion, plants and animals, and ultimately declining crop yields are just some of the problems.

To solve this, more and more fertiliser is used, which has a hugely dangerous and detrimental effect on the surrounding ecosystem.

Biodiversity is the future

Biodiverse farming is substantially better for the environment. Crops like Peas and Chickpeas regenerate soil, unlike grains which strip soil of its nutrients.

Growing Peas and Chickpeas reduce the need for pesticide and fertiliser use which leads to healthier soil, a more resilient ecosystem and protects wildlife.

Pulses are better for the planet

Regenerative Crop
Less Land and Water usage
Less Pesticide and Fertiliser usage
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